What is Digibook?

Digibook is an online workbook containing hundreds of grammar questions and answers for Grades 5–9. It is accessible via any device (smartphone, laptop or tablet). You will need a valid email address and wi-fi connection to access Digibook.

Is Digibook the same as the English Handbook and Study Guide?

No. Digibook is an online workbook of exercises and is in digital format. The English Handbook and Study Guide is a softcover book which contains notes, rules and reference material (no exercises). Use these two resources together to teach, reinforce and revise English grammar concepts.

What facilities are needed to prescribe Digibook for my class?

Prescribing Digibook is simple. Learners require access to an internet connection (at home or school), a digital device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) and a valid email address (school email or individual learner’s email address).

What happens if a learner loses his or her username and password?

If a parent has purchased on behalf of their child, click on the ‘Lost Password?’ link on the Sign-In page and a new password will be sent to the email address given during registration. 

If your school has purchased directly from us, we will send you the lost password immediately. Contact us at support@digibook.co.za or 079 021 6663.

How do I assign and monitor work?

Each learner needs to add assigned exercises to their own profile. These simple ‘How To’ videos guide you through the steps.

Teachers: Assign and monitor progress

Learners: Create a schedule

Learners: Download a certificate

What are my payment options?

For online payments we accept: Visa and MasterCard credit cards; new debit cards (with CVV, expiry date, chip and pin and Mastercard or Visa logo) and EFT. For offline payments we accept EFTs. Please contact us at support@digibook.co.za.

What are my delivery options and how much does it cost? 

Immediate access is granted for digital licences. Softcover books will be delivered via courier within South Africa. 

Delivery costs range from between R95 (for main cities) and R145 (for other areas) and will be confirmed in Cart Checkout once a Delivery Address has been entered.

If you would like to arrange a delivery outside of South Africa, please contact us at suppport@digibook.co.za.

When will my order be delivered?

We will deliver your order by the Estimated Delivery Date provided in your Payment Confirmation email. It will be between 1-3 days. 

What is your returns policy? 

We do not offer returns or refunds once payment has been made. Please ensure that you have made the correct product selections in your cart before processing your payment. 
For technical issues and trouble accessing the digital Digibook products, please contact us at support@digibook.co.za or 079 021 6663.