Why Digibook?


Mastering the rules allows you to own the game.

Mastering English allows you to understand, to be understood and to succeed in all other subjects. That is why English grammar is taught in our school curriculum and tested in English Language exams from primary through to high school.

But, sometimes grammar can get lost in context or in between classwork and homework books!

This is where Digibook is here to help. Learn and teach grammar with ease with these discrete, on-point quality exercises.


You won’t need to source or write grammar worksheets. Digibook’s content is graded, age appropriate, CAPs aligned and contains the essential ingredients to master grammar.

Makes practice doable

Consolidation, repetition and practice may get a bad rap these days but we all know that they are the secret of success for any endeavour. Digibook makes practising grammar doable and fun!

Everything is in one place

English notes can’t get lost anymore. Everything is in one place for the entire academic year.


Structure is simple and efficient. Follow the steps and finish the year on top.


We have a combined teaching experience of over 70 years. That’s a lot of learners we’ve seen come and go!

Accessible anywhere

Digibook is accessible online, on any device – smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Interested in seeing more?
Explore our contents pages – lists of content per graded module.

Meet the needs of learners with ever-shortening attention spans.

The blend of digital interface with soft cover book helps maintain interest by providing learners with the sensory benefits of both mediums.

Each Digibook module is a discrete set of self-marking worksheets of optimum quantity.

Grammar rules are encapsulated in exercises, made apparent, repeated 5–10 times and welcomed into long-term memory.
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Our free trial gives you access to a sample of 16 Digibook exercises. No obligation, no time pressure – explore at your leisure for free.