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Growing critical and evaluative learners? Then have a look at Digibook’s customable content.

Knowledge of grammatical structures is a required learning outcome of the CAPs curriculum for good reason – to develop analytical, critical and evaluative English language users.

But sometimes these concepts can get lost in context. Utilise Digibook’s content to sharpen your learners’ grammar knowledge. It is available for licence today.

We offer customised content and have the technical expertise to link online Digibook content into your existing English curriculum and technical platform. Our exercises have been developed and coded to offer a variety of questioning techniques and we offer the most comprehensive range of self-marking exercises on the market. Our young audience demands this of us.

Allocate your precious development capital on new projects and utilise what is already available and proven to work for your English language teaching.

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Grammatical knowledge helps learners to become analytical, critical, and evaluative English language users. Start them on the right path.