About Digibook

Hundreds of Questions

Digibook is a digital workbook with hundreds of questions and answers designed to reinforce the language concepts of the ENGLISH HANDBOOK AND STUDY GUIDE. It’s like a workbook, only better. It gives you instant feedback. You can access it online anywhere at any time.

Because the Digibook menu mirrors the Language Contents (p4-5) of the ENGLISH HANDBOOK AND STUDY GUIDE you simply click on the section you are working on and get started.

Digibook is unlimited

Once you have purchased Digibook you have access for 2 years. There are no annual subscription fees or hidden costs and content is continuously refreshed.

Each exercise may be answered three times and you will have unlimited viewing access to the correct answers and your profile.

Unique homework tool

Teachers, this unique tool allows you to have your finger on the pulse of each and every one of your pupils. Use it as a tool for homework and ongoing assessment. Seamlessly monitor pupils’ progress and pick up individual problems timeously.